Java Solver is freely available under the terms of the Open Source GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Please provide your name and email address and you will receive an email with the download link.

When you download and unzip the downloaded file ““, you will have a ready to go folder “javasolver”. It includes 2 projects:

  1. com.javasolver with all sources and related jar-files
  2. com.javasolver.samples with various samples.

You may run samples directly from Windows Explorer by double-click on  run<Name>.bat files. For instance, to run the introductory example “ProblemZoo” double-click on runZoo.bat. You may similarly add your own optimization projects.

You may also open “javasolver” as an Eclipse IDE workspace, and run/debug the samples or your own applications using “Run/Debug As Java Application”. 

The latest version of Java Solver is kept in the GitHub repository “javasolver”. If you want to become a contributor, send a request to